The 57 members of the Villanova Singers pose in the Villanova Chapel.
1960-61 Singers

1960-61 Singers
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1961-62 Singers
Among the members of the 1961-62 Singers was a freshman named Jim Croce.

This photograph appeared on the back of the Singers'  first LP, "Harmonies in Blue and White."
1961-62 Singers
Spring Concert at Marymount College
1961-62 Singers
Thanks to Tom Picardo (63) for identifying the year!
1961-62 Singers

1962 Mendel Dedication

Fall 1962
Can anyone identify the year?  If yes, please leave comment!
Singers in the 60's: 1963 or 64?
Front row L to R: Ian Lipton, Jack Armstrong, Jack Blake, Tom Picardo, John Sperger, Jim Quinn, Ron Sisca.  Rear Row: Mike Collins, Santo Agolino, Jim Croce, Frank Romano, Mike Romano
1962-1963 Spires
Think this might be 63-64. Don't see any familiar faces. 
Tom Picardo
1962-63 Singers [?]
Notre Dame, May 2, 1963
1962-63 Singers

1962-63 Singers
front row, l to r: Tom Picardo, Frank Romano, Ron Sisca, Jim Quinn. back row: Tim Hauser, Jack Armstrong, John Sperger, Jack Blake, Jim Croce.
1963 Spires aka Coventry Lads
Before attending Villanova, he sang in a group called the Criterions with Tim Hauser. He performed in the Singers, Spires (he was the first Spires Director), Coventry Lads, and after Villanova was the producer for Jim Croce's albums.  He sang and released albums as Cashman, Pistilli, and West; Cashman & West; the Buchanan Brothers; and a solo album. He continues to produce music today.
Tommy West (Tom Picardo) - Class of 63
Cashman Pistilli & West album
At the age of 15, Tim formed a teenage doo-wop/R&B group called The Criterions that had moderate success on the East coast.  While at Villanova, Tim formed a folk trio called The Troubadours Three, with fellow Criterion/Singer/Spire Tommy West and another former Criterion, Jim Ruf. In 1963, after Tim graduated from Villanova, The Troubadours Three toured the United States as performers with "Hootenanny Stars of 1963."  Tim would go on to found the Manhattan Transfer in October 1972.
Tim Hauser - Class of 63
Manhattan Transfer perform at Trude Heller's disco in NYC.
Manhattan Transfer, 1973
Left to right:Cheryl Bentyne, Tim Hauser, Janis Siegel and Alan Paul
Manhattan Transfer CD, 2004

1963-64 Singers

1964-65 Singers
In the late 60s, after graduating from Villanova, Jim Croce released an album with his wife, who was also a singer ("Jim & Ingrid Croce").  His breakthrough release, in May 1972 ("You Don't mess Around With Jim"), included  the title hit plus "Time in a Bottle" and "Operator."  His second album in January 1973 contained the hit "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," which sold over 2 million copies.
Class of 65 - Jim Croce
Photo from Ted Braun, Class of 65
Chicago 1965
Cover photo of his album recorded in 1966, "Facets."  Tragically, Jim Croce died in a plane crash in September 1973 at the age of 30, just before the release of his third ABC album, "I Got A Name."
Jim Croce in 1966

1965-66 Singers

1967-68 Singers
A command performance for Pennsylvania Governor Raymond P. Shafer
Singers 67-68?

Senior Singers, Class of 69

1968-69 Singers
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