Founding Director of the Villanova Singers, and first Dean of the Villanova Law School.  Dean Reuschlein  established the Villanova Singers ("Not a glee club!") in 1953.
Harold Gill Reuschlein
The first recording by the Villanova Singers was a 45 RPM.  Dean Reuschlein directed, and Chuck Brockman performed a solo.  The reverse side of the record featured the Villanova Band (see next photo).
Singers Record, 1

Singers Record, 2
Dean Harold Gill Reuschlein directs the singers at a faculty banquet in the Villanova Field House, 1956.
First Singers, Fieldhouse

45 RPM Cover Photo
The Singers in concert, 1955.
Singers at Immaculata
The Schola Cantorum of the Singers outside the Villanova Chapel, prior to singing a mass.
Schola Cantorum
Dean Reuschlein, who founded the Villanova Singers and the Villanova Law School, was also a skilled organist.
Dean Reuschlein directs the Singers in a rehearsal on the stage of the Villanova Field House, 1955.
Singers Rehearsal '55
The Singers process in the Villanova Chapel, 1955.
VU Singers at Mass
Led by Dean Reuschlein, the Schola Cantorum group of the Singers rehearses for a mass in the Villanova Chapel, 1956.
Schola Cantorum
In the Fall of 1956, the baton was passed from Dean Reuschlein to Herbert Fiss.  He would direct the Villanova Singers for the next two decades.

Herbert Fiss Bio

Fiss press

Young Herbert Fiss

Founders Singing Alma Mater at 50th Reunion - 2007
John Janucci, Robert Ford, Paul Landau, and Connie “Moose” Urban in 1955.
Class of 1956 Singers

Villanova Singers in 1955

Singers Record Album Cover

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