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This page offers you:

1.  The ability to download and listen to some Villanova Singers "classics."  You can also listen to several Spires selections, plus Perfect Union barbershop quartet favorites.

2.  A comprehensive listing [or at least a start!] of the entire Villanova Singers repertoire over the decades.  If you find a song missing please email us with your submission and we'll get it on the list.

3. Problems playing the music? There are many different browsers out there including Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Maxthon, Safari and Edge to name just a few. Each has its own peculiarities and may not be able to play the music when you click on the icon. If this happens, try downloading the song first, then try to play it from your computer. This way, you will use the music application installed on your computer rather than relying on your browser to choose what it thinks is possible.   


And here and here are links to hundreds of songs we will surely cover during the Legacy Afterglow sessions later Friday and Saturday evenings.  Go here and here to download onto your iPad or mobile phone or print out.  Warning, these are two BIG files!


Here are some Villanova Singers "classics" to listen to.  Right click on "Listen Now!" next to a song and choose "Save Target As" to download the song to your computer. These mp3 files should play on iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Audio and any other media player.  When you see "Download Complete" you can click on the "Open" button to listen immediately.


March of the Wildcats - Singers & Marching Band (1957): Listen Now!  

V For Villanova - Singers & Marching Band (1957): Listen Now! 


Crucifixus (1962): Listen Now!

O Bone Jesu (1962) Listen Now!

Song of the Vagabonds (1962): Listen Now!


Alma Mater - Soloist Stephen Conway: Listen Now! 

Amo, Amas (1966): Listen Now! 

Ave Maria (1966): Listen Now! 

The Creation (1966): Listen Now!

Eddystone Light (1966): Listen Now! 

Hymn to Night (1966): Listen Now! 

Pepita (1966): Listen Now!

There Is Nothing Like A Dame (1966): Listen Now!


A Mighty Fortress (1977): Listen Now!   

Exultate Justi (1977): Listen Now!

Pepita (1977): Listen Now!


Battle Hymn Of The Republic (1979-80): Listen Now! 

Mood Indigo (1979-80): Listen Now!


Brothers, Sing On! (1996): Listen Now! 

The Navy Hymn - Soloist Stephen Wisniew  (1996): Listen Now!

Ol' Man Noah: Listen Now!

Parting Blessing (1996): Listen Now!

The Testament: Listen Now!


Oh Shenandoah  Listen Now!

We Rise Again (2013) Listen Now!

Why We Sing Listen Now!


 Spires Selections 

Click to listen; right-click to save.

1962-1963 Spires:

Greenback Dollar: Listen Now! 

Make Me A Pallet: Listen Now! 

Kilgarra Mountain: Listen Now! 

Mary Mild (The Coventry Lads, June 1963): Listen Now! 

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue: Listen Now!  

1966 Spires:

Four Strong Winds: Listen Now!  

1969-1970 Spires:

8:05: Listen Now! 

A Year of Jaine Time: Listen Now!

If I Fell: Listen Now!

If Wishes Were Horses: Listen Now!

Day Is Done: Listen Now!

Lizzy Borden: Listen Now!  Click here to download the words!

2002 Spires

A Change In My Life: Listen Now!

Villanova Girls: Listen Now!

2005 Spires

Narcolepsy (from Just Dream): Listen Now! 

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy (from Just Dream): Listen Now!

2006 Spires

In the House of Stone and Light (from Caught In the Act): Listen Now! 

Perfect Union Selections

Coney Island Baby: Listen Now!

Alabamy Bound: Listen Now!

I Believe: Listen Now!

Side By Side: Listen Now!

50 Years of Music — the Repertoire of the Villanova Singers

Wow!  The Singers have sung their way through an impressive list of musical pieces over the decades.  Click HERE to download the entire library of songs that have been performed over the years.   Thanks to Ippi and Steve Guerrini for all their hard work in compiling this list. 


Ave Maria (Arcadelt) - Fiss Arrangement

Alma Mater - Reuschlein Arrangement

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