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The Villanova Singers is one of the most cherished organizations in the Villanova University family.  Founded in 1953, this male ensemble has provided decades of enjoyment and enrichment to listeners all over the world.  And for each member fortunate enough to have joined the "brotherhood of song," the Singers have generated timeless memories. This brotherhood of song now spans 58 years, and includes over 1000 Villanova Singers alumni who share a bond driven by music. 

In 2006, several current Villlanova Singers met several Singers from the 1970's, and the idea for The Villanova Singers Legacy was born. The spark for Legacy occurred at Bill Ippolito's July Fool's Party (JFP). 


Bill Ippolito

Since he graduated from Villanova in 1972, each summer "Ippi" has held a party at his home for family and friends, and as Ippi was a Villanova Singer, the party guests over the years have included a number of his Singer friends.  At the party, there is plentiful food and libation, and after several libations, the Singers in attendance would often burst into song.

July Fools 1978

Tom Bucaria, a Singer from the Class of 1980, suggested inviting two Singers from the Class of 2007: Steve Guerrini, who was Alumni Director and Brendan Reilly, President, to the JFP in 2006. 

Remo Caputo (71), Steve Guerrini (07), Ippi (72), and Brendan Reilly (07) Chat at the July Fools Party in 2006

The connection between the current and past generations of Singers led to the Singers Legacy concept, designed to build bridges between six decades of Villanova Singers. Bob Crowley (79) took the lead in organizing a "grand reunion."  In March 2007, the first Singers Legacy event took place, with more than 150 Singers and 100 guests, including alumni from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's, plus the current Singers. 


Based on the remarkably positive feedback from all who participated, a second Legacy event was scheduled for April 2008.  More than 200 Singers and 80 guests enjoyed a wonderful "Festival of Song." Past Directors Mike Luisi and Denis Wilde joined current Director Brian Meneely to lead us in making beautiful music.  The Perfect Union reunited, and Spires past and present performed.  Hearing 200 Singers perform "Brothers Sing On!" was an incredibly moving experience, and connecting with Brothers in Song from six decades was incredible.

Father Peter Donohue, VU President, chats with Singers at Legacy Weekend

The third Legacy weekend took place at Villanova in March 2010. Over 200 Singers performed music from seven decades of the Singers' Repertoire. The next Legacy event is scheduled for March 23-25, 2012 on the Villanova campus. Visit this site for details. You won't want to miss it!

Late-Night Partying at Legacy 2007


During and after the 2010 Legacy Weekend, members of the Villanova Singers Alumni Society and the Villanova Singers Legacy Committee discussed the wisdom of merging the two organizations. Over many years, the Alumni Society sponsored events for Singers’ alumni, arranged events to celebrate anniversaries of the founding of the group, and maintained a contact list of past members. All agreed that we wanted to leverage the enthusiasm created by the past three Legacy events and do more to foster Brotherhood in Song with Singers alumni as well as current members of the Villanova Singers.  

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Villanova Singers Legacy Society (VSLS), an organization for current Singers and all Singers alumni.  The main purpose of the VSLS is to ensure the long-term viability of the Villanova Singers as one of the premier all-male college singing groups in the country. The VSLS aims to connect "Brothers in Song" of all ages and assure that the traditions of the Singers - music, brotherhood, and touring - are enjoyed and shared from generation to generation. The VSLS will: 

  • Coordinate opportunities for everyone to get together.  (For example, sponsoring pre/post concert receptions, Homecoming tailgates and events at Villanova’s Reunion Weekend.)
  • Organize and plan our bi-annual Legacy Society Weekend events.
  • Assist in promoting upcoming concert tours with alumni who live in the tour locations.       
  • Give back to the community by assisting in community service projects.
  • Provide professional career networking opportunities to the Singers including a searchable database of members by region, profession and interests, listings of potential internships, and jobs. 
  • Provide funding for domestic touring by the Villanova Singers through contributions to the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund.
  • And last but not least, to continue the Brotherhood in Song that the Singers have had over the past 7 decades.

Click here to see and contact the Villanova Singers Legacy Society Leadership Committee

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