Christmas Concert 1969
Christmas Concert
1970-71 Singers- VU Chapel
at the "New Dorm," 1972 or 73.
Herbie, Jim and Ippi
John Sgrignoli, Class of 1970
Sgrig at Play, 1977 - Ippi's Party
The Spires perform in front of Kennedy Hall.
The Spires, 1972
(Later known as Stanford Hall) Front: Rick Fersch & Bill Ippolito.  Back: Tom Kane, Mike Score, Dave May, Paul Orleman
Singers Chillin in the New Dorm

Nice Hair

A Candid Shot of Ippi
circa 1973
A Singers Party at DiFrancesco's Barn

The Back of the Bus Sucks
With guitars: Geoffrey Sawyer, Remo Caputo, Bill Grabowski
Graduate Spires, July 1977 at Ippi's Party
I guess pink was in that year.
Singers Like To Party a mellow mood, 1973.  (Jack Kelly & Richard Wohltman)
Captain Jack & Captain Kirk
Mike Delpriore, Class of 1972, was Spires Director and the accompanist for the Singers
Mike Tickling the Ivories
The Very First July Fools' Party.  We all slept in a tent in the back yard of Ippi's patents' house in West Orange, NJ.
The Morning After...
One of many memorable road trips.  Here we prepare for takeoff, next to the Field House.  Singers include Tom Kane, Bill Ippolito, John Murray, Paul Orleman, and Joe Orazi
Road Trip to Niagra Falls
Singers Tom Kane (in front of neon sign), Joe Orazi (holding bottle), Barry Marron (leaning on door), and John Murray & Bill Ippolito (inside door)
Purchasing Camping Supplies
Barry Marron
Barry Graduates and Meditates, 1972
Phil Scott, Linda Toczylowski, and Levering White
Graduation 1973: Phil, Linda & Lev
Barry Marron, Paul Orleman, Rick Grabowski, Pat & John Sgrignoli
Ippi's Party
Each July Fools Party has a theme.  This one... can you guess?
You Can Leave Your Hat On
Bill Grabowski on guitar.  Geoff Sawyer and Jimmy Lisanti look on.
When at a Singers' Party... Sing

Post-Concert Fun
Herbert Fiss was a great director and a great man.  He was incredibly demanding and caring, and brought out the best in each of us.  All the music he taught me remains firmly planted in my brain, 34 years later.
Herbie the Great
Herb Sudfeld, President of the Singers in 1972-73, prepares for a hot date.
Herbie the Younger
The crowd at The July Fools Party.
Off the tour bus for a few minutes, Sgrig plays with a wind-up mouse.
Fun at a Rest Stop
Singers Dave Swaintek, Ted Mooney, and Stan Swaintek, along with Beth Newell, enjoy a Singers' picnic.
Mr. Mooney and the Swaintek Boys

Dave May Clown Around
John Sgrignoli, left, hosts a wine tasting gathering in his hotel room while on tour in the midwest, March 1970.
Tour Party
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