In Lobby of St. Mary's Hall
Group Shot for Singers' CD

Director Adriane Torrisi 1989-1990
Matt Murphy sings to Accompanist Dianne Xibos 89-90
Song About Matt & Dianne
The Spires 1996-97: Mark Minutolo, Steve Donnelly, Mike Lamothe, Mike Gruta, Abe Lincoln, Josh Skiba, Steve Glaab, David Stys, Ron Monkres
Lincoln & Friends
AKA: Lamosquito, Class of 1999
Mike Lamothe
Class of 1998
Steve Donnelly
Class of 1997
Mike Gruta
Class of 1998
Josh Skiba

The 1996-97 Spires
Steve Wisniew, Colleen Stratton (Link), Josh Skiba, Kirsten Kele, Steve Glaab
Singers 98



Concert at Salve Regina University (RI), 1996(?)
In Concert
Dr. Sheila Pritchard, Ph. D. That spells fud! Woo hoo!
Dr. Sheila Pritchard
Raul Gesmundo (97), Anand Badami(99), and Mike Watson (98)
Raul, Anand, & Mike Drink & Dine
Seniors Eric Ledieu, Chris Soltis & Others at the '96 recording session
Making Music

Kent Merdes (99) & Pete Christiansen (99) accompany the Singers ('96 recording session)
Kent & Pete

A Spires Christmas

Formal guys
At Forge Recording Studios, February 1996
Eric Ledieu


Climbing Tree - Year?
Steve Glaab, Mark Minutolo, John Maione, Josh Skiba, Chris Schumann, Sabina Ronaldstat, Colleen Link,Dan Williams, (Back row L to R)Kathy Schwartz, Caroline Malloy, and Steve Donnelly (Bottom row L to R).
Spring Concert 1996
Bottom picture is a Spires Concert at the Connolly Center and the Top pictures is in the old Singer's office just off of the St. Mary's Loading Dock (Fine Accomodations we had!!) just prior to a concert.
Random Shots 1996
Gene Kemp in his Bunny outfit (check out that drunken stupor) and Josh Skiba and Dan Williams at Christmas Concert
Halloween '96 and Christmas '96

Singers Greece March 97

Singers and the Glory of Greece 3/97

Singers Greece 3/97
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