Singers Patch

Bob Walsh

Tom Bucaria and Mama

Marty Sloane

Crowley, Halcovage & Lenehan on tour

Bob and Marge (Cunniff) Anderson
Nick Moles, Bob Anderson, John "Yogi" Andreola, Fred Rackovan
Singers Dinner Dance 1975

Step Guys- 1976
Pat Ring, Fred Rackovan, Marge, Bob Anderson, John Andreola, Nick Moles, Fred Hugue, Bill Sarnese: May 29, 1976
Singers at Bob and Marge's wedding 1976

Fred Hugue, the morning after

Spires - Year?

Priscilla Blue

Linda Schnabel and Fred Hugue
Left To Right: Chris Wright (aka Ben Daniels), Tom "Bucky" Bucaria, Frank "Ferd" Gunther, Bob "BC" Crowley, George "Georgy" Halcovage, Ed "Swahoon" Havrilla, Joe "Joey" Sabo, Marty "You DB" Sloan, Chris McElynn, Peter "Pistol" McGowan, ??, Bill "Sully" Sullivan, Dan "Dannyboy" Callahan, Matt "Mama" Fierro and Rick "Rosey" Rosendall.
1977-78 Spires

78-79 Spires

John & Hat

Spires (Year?)

Bucky the Seal
Chatham College 1979
Singer Bus

Perfect Union

VU Seventies View 3

Villanova Chapel 1979

West Point Chapel, 1979

0 V007

1979 2


VU Seventies View

VU Seventies View Too

VU View 4

Father Wilde 79
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