Fat Tony & Fish at the stage door Radio City before Singers performance (1996?)
Fat Tony & Fish
Outside Radio City Performance
Singers and Glee Club
Bright lights Big City
Arriving for the Big Performance
Radio City
On Stage at Radio City Music Hall Before Singers performance for VU Alumni Fund Raising kick-off (1996?)
Big Time
On the plan to Europe 1990: Bob Desilets, Matt "Murph." ,Mike Glod,"Papa Russ" Rosa, Matt "Walshy", Otto, Joe "Norm!" Kelley,and "Mar-Tay"
Singers Tour Austria Germany & Switzerland
On tour with the Singer in Austria Germany & Switzerland.  Taking a moment for a picture before stepping into another Beer Hall: Chris, Phil, Matt and Russ (1990)
Hanging out in Germany
Geoff Swetz, M. Murph and Phil "Fleabag" enjoy a Beer at a German sidewalk Cafe during the Singer/Gleeclub tour of Austria, Germany & Switzerland in 1990
Eine Bier Bitte
Chris "Fish", Russ Rosa, and Phil Overlooking Salzburg, Austria.
On Tour 1990.
High on a Hill
These are Definitely Not the Von Trapp Children:  Frank P., Chris S.,Marty Bohm, ... ,Steve Croce and Matt Murphy. Salzburg (1990)
Re-enacting: Doe a Deer
Scott "Ice", Adrianne (Singers Director), Bob D., Dianne Z. (Accompanist), Matt M., Phil T., and Mike Glod (Spries Director) Overlooking the City of Cologne. (1990).
In the Bell Tower: Cologne Cathedral

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