1981 Singers Picnic

JV @ 1981 Singers Picnic

Daune & Chris 1981 Singers Picnic

1981 Spring Concert

Regis College April 1982

1981_1982 Perfect Union

Singers Emblem

Fran and Friends

Singing Valentines
Fran Halcovage (1983 President)&   Jim Anderson (1082 President)
Fran and Jim
Singing Valentines Article from the Alumni Newsletter (Spring 1982)
Singing Valentines Article
1982 Singers, Spires, Perfect Union, Women's Glee Club, & Band Album
1982 Album

Spires Reunion 1982

1982 Singers Dinner Dance
Yo Dean !!!!
1982 Singers Dinner Dance
A meeting of the minds.
Bucky And George 1982 Dinner Dance

Let's Sing - What a Novel Idea 1982 Dinner Dance

Singers Dinner Dance 1982

The Office 01

Neups and Matt

Rob Yohannan

Jim and Jane Anderson
DEW - WAYNE !!!!
Duane In The Office

JV And Auggie (Inner Office)
Duane, Bob & the Red Sox Bobblehead
Bob & Duane (Inner Office)

1984 Christmas Concert
Bob Mascia, Fran Halcovage, Tim Orner, Bob Schroll, Jim Anderson, Bob Anderson, Steve Szatkowski, Duane Siberski, Matt Carlyle
Singers at Jim Anderson & Jane's Wedding (1987)
Bob Mascia and Jim Anderson discuss important Singers issues.  "Two kegs or three?"
The Brain Trust ???

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