At the alumni meeting, we brainstormed ways that Singers alumni can support the current and future Villanova Singers. Current President Brendan Reilly (leaning against the window) listens in, smiling.
Alumni Meeting
Mark Reeth (83), Ken McElynn (86), Bill Amend (85), the back of Joe Lynch's head, and ?
80's Grads Reconnecting
Nick Marini (2006)
Say Cheez
Ray Santanna (70) and Rick Grabowski (70).  Following the full group practice, Spires alumni convened to plan for their evening performance.
Ray & Rick Re-Inspiring
Barry Marron (72)
He Who Sings...
George Psak (73), Joe Goldschmidt (74), and Steve Riley (73)
George, Benny, Joe, & Steve
Dave Hudac (73), Jim Debesis (66), Bill Amend (85), Ray Santanna (70), Pete McGowan (79)
Spires Practice
Andy Carrabus (76) and Jim McCulla (77) begin to practice Spires songs.  Andy looks slightly pained at this point, but the music came together rather quickly!
Andy & Jim
Winner of the award for "Singer Who Has Aged The Least"
Verne Hebard, Class of 1977
John Hulka (73); Bob Anderson, (75); John Van Tassel (73), holding binder, pointing at Ed Connell (75), blocking Jimmy Lisanti (74), and being observed by Barry Marron (72)
Seventies Confab
Nate "Breakfast Cereals" Wildfire (2004)
Give Me A Head With...
Ken Fersch (68)
Past President Denis Garbo (70) and Tom Kane (71).  In the background, Jack Csaklos and Bill Cavanagh from the Class of 68.
Denny & TK
Dave Hudac (74) and Bill ippolito (72)
Dave & Ippi
Bob Ballou (77) & Past President Jim Fongheiser (77)
Bob & Jim
Remo Caputo (71) tunes his guitar as Dave Hudac (73) watches and wonders.
Re-mo Re-tunes
Steve Guerrini (2007) and Andrew Clare (2009).  In the 2006-2007 Singers organization, Steve is the Alumni Chair and Andrew is the Historian.
Steve & Andrew
Class of 1980
Mike Halcovage
Bill Cavanaugh, Class of 1968.
Dave Wilson, Class of 2005.  In the background, members of the Class of 68 (Bill, Jack, and Ken).
Jack Csaklos, Class of 1968
Jimmy Lisanti (74), George Psak (73), Joe Goldschmidt(74), and Steve Riley (73)
If I Fell
Bill Ippolito (72) and Joe Goldschmidt (73) reminisce with Bill Gambogi (76) & Bob Hughes (74)
Ippi & Doctor Joe
Andy Carrabus (76), George Halcovage (79), ?, Jim McCulla (77), Pete McGowan(79), Glenn Reitmeier (77)
70's Spires Practice
Bob Castellucci (76), Bill Gambogi (76), and John Van Tassel (73)
Smiling Seventies
Ed Connell, Barry Marron laughing, Tom Kane, Jimmy Lisanti
Remo and Guitar in Hand
The current Spires offered the Spires alumni a "private concert." Gone are the guitars and upright bass.  In are beatboxing (with a stellar display from Shane Quinn) and tight choreography.  In this shot, Ryan McCann (2009) gets down and dirty.
2006-2007 Spires Strut Their Stuff
Brendan Reilly (2007) sings lead on "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."
It Was the Third of September...
Mark Reeth (83), Craig Schneiders (85), Joe Lynch (83), and Ken McElynn (86)
Practicing 80's Spires
Well now. The Spires offered the Old Guys a special treat... a very amazing performance of a song about Siskel & Ebert, Coca-cola Stock, Daylight Savings Time, the lost catacombs of Egypt, the South Seas, Mr. Coffee, and Tool Time.

Wow.  In this photo, Brendan Reilly (2007) joins Ryan for some "down to the basics" choreography.
Quicker Than Fed Ex
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