The photo galleries below contain more than 1000 images spanning six decades. Enjoy the memories! If you have Singers photos stashed away somewhere, why not share them with your fellow Brothers in Song? Register below and begin uploading your pictures. You can also download ANY picture you like for free! Share your comments and reactions by using the COMMENT tab under any picture. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you previously registered, you must re-register. The entire database of users and passwords was destroyed when this site was hacked in December 2008.

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PART TWO: ADDING PICTURES: To add images, use the “Add Image” section of the “My Images” tab. Select the name of your gallery from the drop-down menu next to “Gallery.” Click the “Browse” button to find a jpg file you want to add to the gallery. Add a title and description of the photo. Click the ghosted “globe with an arrow pointing up” icon. The photo will be added to your gallery. Repeat this process to add more photos. If you want to add photos to the gallery at a later point, log in as described in Part One above, click on my galleries at the top right, and use the “add image” section of the “My Images” tab, following the instructions in Part Two.

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