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Classes With Class

Which classes had the most alumni at Legacy? 2011 with 8, 1970 with 8 and the big winner 2013, with 14. See the complete list of attendees in the right column.


Grateful thanks to the most recent donors to the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund: John Ailello, Jim Anderson, George Berry, Barry Burke, Jim Debesis, Bill Ippolito, Paul Orleman, Aurelio Pontarelli, Craig Schneiders, Doug Siberski, Greg Sleasman, and Ron Turiello. Your gift supports Singers tours. See the Endowment Tab for an updated complete donor list.

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As a result of your contributions, the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund passed its first goal: $200,000. Now that we have reached this milestone, each year, every year, one tour will be funded with the managed returns earned by the endowment; the principal will remain in place permanently to fund future tours. Now we set our sights on the next goal: an additional $200,000 which will fund a second annual tour for every year to come once that goal is achieved.

The current total: $268,049.49.

We ask all who have not yet donated to consider a gift, and previous donors who are able, to contribute again.


ALMA MATER FUN FACTS: Al Dubin and Joseph Burke, the two men responsible for Villanova's Alma Mater, have a pretty impressive songbook. Working together or with other collaborators, they are responsible for works such as I Only Have Eyes for You, We're in the Money, Forty-Second Street, Pennies From Heaven, Rambling Rose, Shuffle Off to Buffalo, the Academy Award winning Lullaby of Broadway, and the infamous Tip Toe Through the Tulips With Me.

You can find the Alma Mater lyrics (to all three verses), sheet music, and versions recorded by the Villanova Singers and Band on the Villanova University website . You will find the Singers? sheet music and another Singers recorded version by clicking the Repertoire tab above.

As Villanova has been coed for some time, the line "loyal sons of Villanova" is typically now sung as "loyal heirs of Villanova." Most of the time.

Want to sing the Alma Mater in Latin? Check it out .

Singers tours span seven decades: that adds up to a lot of fine memories!


There are now 312 Brothers in Song in the VILLANOVA SINGERS LEGACY SOCIETY FACEBOOK GROUP. Connect with Singers, past and present, from seven decades of song. You can let everyone know what you are up to (musically and otherwise), share Singers stories, browse photos, and connect with old and new friends..

We are fortunate to have Tim Evers as the Director of the Villanova Singers. Tim holds a Bachelor of Music in Church Music from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, and a Master of Music in Organ Performance from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey.

Tim spent four years as Director of Music at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Doylestown, and since 2007 has worked at Wayne Presbyterian Church where he directs the Westminster Choir and Selah Bell Choir, the Wayne Presbyterian Church Chamber Orchestra, accompanies the Chancel Choir and the Wayne Oratorio Society rehearsals, and plays the organ. Tim served for several years as accompanist for The Villanova Singers... so he knew what he was getting into!

The 2013-14 group is the largest ever, with 87 men on the roster, and the group sounds spectacular; it warms the hearts of the alumni to see the group growing stronger and larger!

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The Villanova Singers Legacy Society is an exciting initiative for all Villanova Singers, current and past. The goal of the "VSLS" is to connect "Brothers in Song" of all ages and assure that the traditions of the Singers are enjoyed and passed on, up and down, from generation to generation. Over seven decades, the music, brotherhood, and touring have provided memories that last a lifetime.

One activity of the VSLS is a weekend of song and celebration for current and past Singers. The next Legacy Weekend will take place on the Villanova Campus on March 21-23, 2014. Join Brothers in Song from seven decades, from the founding Class of 1956 through the class of 2017. Watch for more Legacy Weekend news here.


Need to brush up on your Pe-pe-pe's, pi-pi-pi's, and ta-ta-ta's so you can sing Pepita with perfection? Want to hear most of the numbers that will be performed during Legacy Weekend? Click the REPERTOIRE TAB and listen!

In addition to the Legacy selections you can find quite a few songs performed by the Villanova Singers, Spires, and Perfect Union. There are recordings from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s, so please expect the sound quality to vary a bit! The Spires selections include several songs from the original (1962-63) Spires featuring Tommy West, Tim Hauser, and Jim Croce (that's Jim Croce at the beginning of Kilgarra Mountain). Thanks to Tom Picardo (Tommy West), founding Director of the Spires, for the superb-quality versions of these original Spires recordings.


Christmas Concert, 2013

Ben Kramer, President of the 2013-14 Villanova Singers.


Check out the Villanova Spires website!


Below, Singers who attended Legacy Weekend 2014. Thanks to all for a great weekend!

THE 50s
1956: Jack Eddinger, Jack Padova, Connie (Moose) Urban
THE 60s
1964: Mike Ferrara, John Sperger
1965: Ted Braun, George Esser, Mike Neuman, Clinton Powers, Jim Sulzmann
1966: Barry Burke, Jim Debesis, Frank Romano, Ron Turiello
1967: Tony Raneri, John Raymond, Jeff Richard
1968: Bill Cavanagh, Bob Chaves, Jack Csaklos, Paul Sessions, Jim "Grimble" Vincenzo
1969: Richard Merklinger, David Morse, Dominic Pisano, Robert Seraphin
THE 70s
1970: Mike DiVernieri, Denny Garbo, Rick Grabowski, Don Hoyt, Richard Orose, Mike Pouy, Bob Rodachy, Ray Santanna
1971: Remo Caputo, Paul McIlvaine
1972: Joe Deviney, Bill Eads, Bill (Ippi) Ippolito, Barry Marron, Joe Orazi, Dave Paolantonio
1973: John Hulka, Paul Orleman, Gene Riordan, Steve Riley, Herb Sudfeld
1974: John Aiello, Joe Goldschmidt, Bob Hughes, Jack Kelly, Mark Klimas, Levering White McQuillan
1975: Bob Anderson, Ed Connell, Mike Rosci
1976: Mike "The Don" Filoromo, Bill Gambogi, Jack Nash
1977: Glenn Reitmeier
1978: Chuck Nussbaum
1979: Dan Callahan, Joe Carmichael, Sue Lyons, Tom McConnell, Peter McGowan
THE 80s
1980: Tom Bucaria, Brian Duggan, Ferd Gunther, Dean Rosci
1981: Joe Beebe, Frank Burns, Christopher Wright (Ben Daniels)
1982: Jim Anderson
1983: Fran Halcovage, Mark Reeth
1984: Chris Carmichael, Andrew Thain, Andy Wright III
1985: Nick Orlando
1986: Dom DiMartino
1987: Tim Koob
THE 90s
THE 00s
2000: Rich Chesney
2003: Kevin Chupka
2004: Rafael Dueno
2005: Chris Bilbao, Ryan Corbi, Chuck Messina, Kevin Schulz
2007: Broc Flores, Brendan Reilly
2008: Bill Hanlon, Joseph "Pidge" Hawkins, Niki Beaumariage Pinckney
2009: James Belasco, Andrew Clare, Steve Guerrini, Ryan McCann
THE 10s
2010: Charlie Gillespie, Miggy Gutierrez, Yas Kusakawa, Vince Vuono
2011: Mike Distasio, Kent Maghacut, Kyle McConville, Andrew Lavadera, Paul Lee, EJ Mentry, Greg (Moose) Moore, Shawn Morris
2012: Eric Chen, Tom McHugh, Moe Htet Myint, Andres Ortiz-Gomez, Dave Soto
2013: Alex Chinea, Tom Bellatti, Ricky Chan, Christopher Chestnut, Matthew Colon, Chris Denny, Joe Denny, Allyn Durbin, Sean Hannon, Colby Haring, Nicolas Giraldo-Wingler, Alex Kersten, Kevin O'Leary, Chris Paulison
2014: Adam Chiciak, Edward Escobio, James Giblin, Matthew Hencken, Brenden Kortenhaus, Benjamin Kramer, Christian Mongillo, Tommy Monks, Gregory Schroeder, Connor Supple, Shawn Welch, Robert Wheeler
2015: Mike Anderson, Michael Campbell, Francis Cunningham, Ryan Dempsey, Thomas Hausman, William Horyn, Joe Lenz, Sean McGinn, Nick Pajerowski, Andrew Scott, Jeff Stevens, Derik Velasco
2016: Ryan Acito, Christian Andreacchi, Harrison Ainsworth, David Berger, Nicholas Biesiada, James Brasel, Jack Brence, Robbie Burd, Brian Carden, Karl Chandeck, Steven Dannemiller, Matt D'Ariano, Thomas DiFazio, Andrew Dowdell, Nicholas Fonzo, Christopher Helmon, Christopher Hori, Stephen Howard, Thomas Hunter, Dillon Kelly, Josh Kumin, William Landis, Kyungpyo Lee, Richard Lee, Daniel Marques, Sam McIntire, Brian Polk, Oliver Pringle, Eric Stoll
2017: Jackson Anderson, Chaitanyaa Bhatt, Aidan Buckley, Brendan Carchidi, Griffin Crafts, Connor DeFilippis, Thomas DeNova, Christopher Dixon, Paul Elliott, Jonathan Grecco, Kevin Guzman, Connor Henry, Christopher Innocenti, Luke LaBarge, Andrew Lakis, Anthony Lario, Matthew Lavietes, John Lee, Christian Mattutat, Ryan Melino, David O'Day, Josue Orellana, Thomas Palazzolo, Anthony Pelkey, Charles Ponge, Robert Roenitz, Daniel Stinson, Andrew Stock, Liam Trimble, Austin Wild

And Featuring: Father Edward C. Doherty (Moderator 1962-74), Father Denis Wilde (Director 1977-81 and 1984-88), Brian Meneely (Director 1990-2012), Tim Evers (Director), Christopher Kehoe (accompanist), Christine Nass (Assistant Director of Music Activities & Director of the Villanova Voices), John Dunphy (Director of Music Activities), and (Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D. (32nd President of Villanova University)

Christmas Concert, December 7, 2013. Reverend Edward C. Doherty, O.S.A., moderator for the Villanova Singers from 1962 to 1972, with two members of the current group, Daniel Marques (left) and Alastair DeNova (right). Meet Daniel, Father D, and Alastair at Legacy 2014.

Sean Murray, Nick Orlando, and Tim Koob

The 1965-1966 Villanova Singers

The 1962-1963 Spires

The 2013-14 Singers, December 7, 2013. Current membership is above 80!


WE HAVE OVER 1000+ PICTURES ON-LINE FOR YOU TO VIEW. Graduating classes from all seven decades are represented (50s to 10's). Please click on the button below to be taken to our photos page where you can view AND register with your email to upload your pictures right to the site.

We need 50's, 80's, and 90's guys to dig into their archives and post more photos of Singers and Singers events. Thanks for helping us fill in pieces of the past!

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