LATEST NEWS (as of 3/17/2016)

Legacy'16 music now available!! Log in on Register page and then click on Repertoire page to see link to all the music (sheet music and audio)we will be performing at Legacy'16.

Legacy 2016 Is On!

Look who's coming to Legacy'16 (April 1-3)! Click on the Register tab above to join us - we'll be over 200 strong!

Fr Peter Donohue
Fr Edward Doherty
Fr Denis Wilde
Brian Meneely
John Krystyniak
Christine Nass
Pat Gillin
Emily Marshall
Chtistine Acchione
Dana Jacob
John Dunphy
John Hulka
Peter Bonfanti
Steven Guerrini
Joseph Beebe
Bob Crowley
Richard Orose
Jeffrey Richard
Bob Hughes
Robert M Seraphin
Robert Beattie
Michael Pouy
Charles Nussbaum
James Debesis
Tom Bucaria
Barry Burke
Vincent Vuono
Anthony Raneri
Conrad Urban
Bob Anderson
Dr. Robert LIMA, OIC
Michael Filoromo
Alexander Kersten
Derik Velasco
Glenn Reitmeier
Brendan Reilly
Joseph Deviney
James Belasco
John Padova
Ricky Chan
Clinton Power
Anthony Santay
William Cavanagh
Paul Mcllvaine
Tom McConnell
Joseph Goldschmidt
Frank Gunther
Theodore Braun
Raymond Santanna Jr.
Peter McGowan
Ronald Turiello
Paul Orleman
John Raymond
Andrew Scott
Will Horyn
Stephen Riley
Christopher Chestnut
Jim Anderson
Michael Neuman
John Csaklos
Joseph Denny
Donald Hoyt
Eric Treffeisen
Jeffrey Stevens
Robert Rodachy
Ed Connell
Jim Vincenzo
John Aiello
Greg Faust
Shawn Welch
Nicholas Pajerowski
Mark Reeth
Remo Caputo
Peter Gulia
John Kelly
Sean Hannan
Bill Ippolito
Dan Callahan
Bill Eads
Michael DiVernieri
Charles Gillespie
Michael Flynn
Joe Carmichael
Jonathan Limberakis
Michael Anderson
Bill Gambogi
Treffeisen Guest
Chris Carmichael
Nicholas Orlando
Timothy Koob
David Berger
Aidan Buckley
Alick Jiang
Andrew Buchan
Andrew Dowdell
Andrew Houser
Andrew Stock
Anthony Rozman
Ashay Grover
Athul Rajesh
Brian Carden
Brian Polk
Charles Ponge
Christopher Innocenti
Christopher Rura
Connor DeFilippis
Daniel Marques
Daniel Stinson
David O'Day
Gabriel Lopez
Harrison Ainsworth
Hwa Pyung Yoo
Ian Gorman
James Post
Joaquim Etienne Rios
John Kolnik
John Lee
Josue Orellana
Karl Chandeck
Keith Thadikaran
Kevin So
Liam Trimble
Matthew Moorhead
Michael Inguanti
Michael Lee
Nicholas Biesiada
Nicholas Fonzo
Nick Savino
Oliver Pringle
Patrick Saulino
Paul Elliot
Philip Kallberg
Robert Burd
Robert Roenitz
Rohan Basuthakur
Ryan Acito
Samuel McIntire
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Jordan
Stephen Constantinou
Steven Dannemiller
Thomas Anderson
Thomas DiFazio
Thomas Palazzolo
Vincent Papetti
William Pfeifer
Ritesh Karsalia
Anish Vora
Josh Kumin
Sean Udicious
Tom Boland
Clilf Porter
Eric Stoll
Richard Lee
Luke Labarge

Villanova Singers Endowment Fund

Planning a donation to Villanova? Remember that you can request that any donation to the university be directed to the Villanova Singers Endowment. See how here:

As a result of your contributions, the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund has surpassed its goal: $200,000 --This assures at least one domestic tour perpetually each year. The endowment principal is permanent while interest generated provides the operating income. The current total: $277,734.57.

We ask all who have not yet donated to consider a gift, and previous donors who are able, to contribute again.

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The Villanova Singers Legacy Society's goal is to connect "Brothers in Song" across the ages, ensuring the traditions of the Singers are appreciated and passed on generation to generation. For seven decades, the music, brotherhood, and touring have provided memories that last a lifetime.

Come join us for a weekend of song and celebration for current and past Singers on April 1-3, 2016 at Villanova. Join your Brothers in Song from the founding Class of 1956 through the class of 2019. Watch for more Legacy Weekend news here.


Want to hear selections spanning 60 years of Singers? Click the REPERTOIRE TAB and listen!

There are Villanova Singers, Spires, and Perfect Union recordings from the 50s thru 2010s. The Spires selections include several songs from the original (1962-63) Spires featuring Tommy West, Tim Hauser, and Jim Croce (that's Jim Croce below left at the beginning of Kilgarra Mountain).



If you are a facebook user, search for "VILLANOVA SINGERS LEGACY SOCIETY" and request to join this group. You can connect with your Brothers - new and old. You'll also find news about Singers events.


WE HAVE OVER 1000+ PICTURES ON-LINE FOR YOU TO VIEW. Please click on the button below to be taken to our photos page. You can view AND register with your email to upload your pictures right to the site.

We need 50's, 80's, and 90's guys to dig into their archives and post their photos - thanks for helping us fill in pieces of the past!

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