At the conclusion of the 2014-15 Singers season, Tim Evers, Director of the Villanova Singers, announced he had accepted the role of Minister of Music at Wayne Presbyterian Church, in Wayne, PA. Tim has been involved in their music program for a number of years, directing the Westminster Choir, Selah Bell Choir, and the Wayne Presbyterian Church Chamber Orchestra. He accompanied the Chancel Choir and the Wayne Oratorio Society rehearsals, and played the organ.

Unfortunately this new role will consume all his time, so the Villanova Singers are now searching for a new director to lead the 2015-16 season.

Under Tim's leadership, the Singers continued to grow in number and reputation. We bid a fond farewell. Thank you for the music!


Thanks much to the most recent donors to the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund: John Aiello, George Berry, Tom Bucaria, Joe Carmichael, Bill Cavanagh, Ken Fersch, Matt Fierro, Steve Guerrini, Bill Hanlon, Don Hoyt, Bob Hughes, Bill Ippolito, Kyle McConville, Shawn Morris, Mike Neuman, Paul Orleman, Aurelio Pontarelli, Joe Sabo, Bob Seraphin, and Ron Turiello.

You are keeping the Singer on the road! See the Endowment Tab for an updated complete donor list.

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As a result of your contributions, the Villanova Singers Endowment Fund passed its first goal: $200,000. Now that we have reached this milestone, each year, every year, one tour will be funded with the managed returns earned by the endowment; the principal will remain in place permanently to fund future tours. Now we set our sights on the next goal: an additional $200,000 which will fund a second annual tour for every year to come once that goal is achieved.

The current total: $277,734.57.

We ask all who have not yet donated to consider a gift, and previous donors who are able, to contribute again.


There are now 345 Brothers in Song in the VILLANOVA SINGERS LEGACY SOCIETY FACEBOOK GROUP. If you are a facebook user, request to join this group, and connect with Singers, past and present, from seven decades of song. You can let everyone know what you are up to (musically and otherwise), share Singers stories, browse photos, and connect with old and new friends. You'll also find news about Singers events.

Singers tours span seven decades: that adds up to a lot of fine memories!

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The Villanova Singers Legacy Society is an exciting initiative for all Villanova Singers, current and past. The goal of the "VSLS" is to connect "Brothers in Song" of all ages and assure that the traditions of the Singers are enjoyed and passed on, up and down, from generation to generation. Over seven decades, the music, brotherhood, and touring have provided memories that last a lifetime.

One activity of the VSLS is a weekend of song and celebration for current and past Singers. The next Legacy Weekend will take place on the Villanova Campus in March 2016. Join Brothers in Song from seven decades, from the founding Class of 1956 through the class of 2019. Watch for more Legacy Weekend news here.


Need to brush up on your Pe-pe-pe's, pi-pi-pi's, and ta-ta-ta's so you can sing Pepita with perfection? Want to hear selections spanning 60 years of Singers? Click the REPERTOIRE TAB and listen!

In addition to the Legacy selections you can find quite a few songs performed by the Villanova Singers, Spires, and Perfect Union. There are recordings from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s, so please expect the sound quality to vary a bit! The Spires selections include several songs from the original (1962-63) Spires featuring Tommy West, Tim Hauser, and Jim Croce (that's Jim Croce at the beginning of Kilgarra Mountain). Thanks to Tom Picardo (Tommy West), founding Director of the Spires, for the superb-quality versions of these original Spires recordings.



Check out the Villanova Spires website!


Tim Hauser, the Villanova Singer & Spire who founded The Manhattan Transfer, died on Thursday, October 16, 2014 from cardiac arrest. He was 72.

Tim graduated from Villanova in 1963. After serving in the Air Force and the New Jersey Air National Guard, he spent a few years working in advertising and marketing. In 1969 he decided to follow his passion, and created the group Manhattan Transfer.

The group released their debut album in 1971. After a major shuffle in membership, the group recorded 28 more albums over the following 40 + years, winning a number of pop and jazz Grammy Awards. Their 1985 album "Vocalese," earned 12 Grammy nominations. Their highest-charting single in the US was their cover of "The Boy From New York City." They reached the number one spot in the UK with "Chanson d'Amour."

Manhattan Transfer performing at Trude Heller's in New York City, 1973. Tim sports a top hat.

The 1962-1963 Spires. Tim Hauser is in the back row at the far left, holding a banjo. (And the guy standing far right is Jim Croce.)


Will Horyn, Connor DeFilippis, David Ryan, Robbie Burd, Josue Orellana, Colby Haring and Russell Quiones in Madison Square Garden, January 2015.

Christmas Concert, December 7, 2013. Reverend Edward C. Doherty, O.S.A., moderator for the Villanova Singers from 1962 to 1972, with two members of the current group, Daniel Marques (left) and Alastair DeNova (right).


WE HAVE OVER 1000+ PICTURES ON-LINE FOR YOU TO VIEW. Graduating classes from all seven decades are represented (50s to 10's). Please click on the button below to be taken to our photos page where you can view AND register with your email to upload your pictures right to the site.

We need 50's, 80's, and 90's guys to dig into their archives and post more photos of Singers and Singers events. Thanks for helping us fill in pieces of the past!

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